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What People are Saying about Shaurya Jain (The guy behind this Site)

I can vouch for Shaurya Jain. He’s a smart Cookie and he knows a good link when he sees one! His outreach emails are not your usual s*** either – He makes an effort to personalise the emails properly and with real information. He does not just chuck F_name in there and be done with it; he does his research.And bottom…he gets results, which is all that matters 🙂
Joshua Hardwick, ahrefs’ Head of Content
A lot of people have trouble scaling outreach and maintaining quality. When the money starts coming, I’ve seen even talented link builders get sloppy. Shaurya is different, he cares about his clients and takes pride in the quality of his service.I can promise if you hire him, you won’t regret it.
Nick Eubanks, Founder of From the Future agency

Who is Behind this?

Shaurya Jain, a very sexy Linkbuilder from India. As you can see from his photo on a thailand beach that he is very professional.

His work has been featured on Sites like Zapier, Sujan Patel, Raventools and many other Digital Marketing publications.

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