Why I started Backlink Opportunities

Links in the B2B space are really difficult to acquire. Either you have deep pockets or you make 10 X into 10 X content (Beat that Brian Dean)

I test drove this service with a small group of agency owners starting in feb 2020 and it all went well for 2 months then boom Lockdown hit all of us.

Businesses started shutting down. Cashflow was slower than ever. Economy was down. Unsurprisingly, my business took a hit too. Almost half of the customers for the service (which was in monthly subscription model) left.

So I had to pause the service for a while to think how to relaunch it so that this does not happen again. So I launched the service again as a newlsetter where anyone can get on my email list to be notified of these link opportunities and buy directly as long as the spots are left.

Its great to be able to help b2b businesses get backlinks for under $100. I can see how much some peole like the service as they buy each link I sell!

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